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Acer Laptop Price in Nepal

Acer is a well-known laptop company which delivers a wide range of budgets with ultra-high-end gaming laptop. For example, you can take the Aspire & Swift in the Aser lineup. These laptops are muscular, but the specs are attractive when considering the price tag. In comparison, the Nitro &Helios series have some of the midrange gaming laptop with the best budget. In this article, we present you Acer laptop you can buy in Nepal with their price and availability.

Acer Laptop Price in Nepal 2024

Acer Laptop Price in Nepal

Acer Aspire Series

In this Acer Aspire series of laptop, you can find budget-friendly. Which is made for basic works and first-time users. It is used for multimedia, school projects, and basic office work. As prices rise you can do more efficient work as well.

Aser Aspire Series

Model of Names

Aspire 3: In this series, it is the most basic and plastic design laptop. which comes with the feature Intel Core i3 N-series processors, Intel UHD graphics,& SSD storage.

Aspire 5: One of the most popular laptop is the Aspire lineup, Aspire 5 are designed for the basic needs of your use. Here you can choose between Intel’s P and U series of processors with AMD RYZEN. Even you can get graphics like the GeForce MX series and older RTX GPUs. It is designed with metal-plastic which gives a premium feel.

Aspire 7: These laptops are advanced to the other Aspire 3 and 5 lineup of Aspire series. You can get an Intel P and U series processor with RTX graphics a metal design and a fine finish.

Acer Swift series

The laptop in this series comes with a metal body, which is light and it is portable. Here you can go through various ranges of specs and features. In Nepal, you can buy this laptop series with Intel and AMD CPUs. Whereas some of the laptop gives you GPU to facilitate editing. You can find Swift GO,14, and X14 as the preferred laptop in this lineup. In Swift Go, you can find sleek and premium metal designs. Here you have a choice to get a portable U-series or H-series for gaming with OLED options.

Their next series is Swift 14 which is limited and Evo-certified ultrabooks in the lineup. H-series processors, a compatible webcam and dual USB-C are been provided. The next one is Swift X14 which is the most advanced ultrabook from Acer. This laptop is revamped and provides the latest H-series gaming processor. The laptop also comes with cooling of the Swift family and dedicated graphics.

Acer Swift Series

Acer Spin Series

This series laptop is a 2-in-1 laptop with stylus touchscreens and 360° rotation. It comes in thin and light and can be used as a Windows tablet. This laptop series is not as popular as other series of Acer laptop.

Acer Spin Series

Acer Nitro Series

This laptop series is for users who like to game but don’t want to spend a lot of money. It has high powerful TDP CPU, and a dedicated GPU, and gives other gaming features as well. However, some of them are not available to date.

Acer Nitro Series

Acer Predator Helios, Triton Series

In the Acer laptop lineup, this series is dedicated to Gaming. This series itself includes two laptop series Helios and Triton. Both series have competitive GPUs, high-end specs, WASD keys, RGB lighting, etc. With an advanced cooling system, the trition focused on sleek with power power-packed performance. Whereas, Helios focuses only on Power. As this series is for gaming it comes under high-price laptop among Acer laptop in Nepal.

Acer Helios and Triton Series
What is the price of Acer laptops in Nepal?

In Nepal, it starts from Rs. 63,000 to Rs. 370,000.

Which Acer laptop is best for students?

In Acer, there are different variants but Acer Aspire series laptop are for students with their specs and price.

Which Acer laptops are good for gamers?

For gaming, you can go with Acer Nitro, Helios, and Triton.

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