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Asus Laptop Price in Nepal

A well-established manufacturer of computers a Taiwanese laptop, is among the most popular and best-selling laptops in Nepal. In this article, we look forward to all availability of Asus laptop in Nepal including their price. It is one of the most admired in the gaming community with its high processor for gaming. The VivoBookZenBook, and TUF to the ROG lineup of laptop are there something for everyone.

For everyone, there is a decent set of options for Asus laptop at affordable price in Nepal. You can get Intel Core i5/i7/i9 (12th-gen or newer) And AMD Ryzen 6000 or 7000-series powered devices.

Asus Laptop Price in Nepal

Asus VivoBook Series

In this lineup, you can get an ample range of selections, even at starting you get convertibles (2-in-1) with few decent gaming options. Devices come with a similar design choice, comparatively slim and lightweight laptops with screen sizes ranging from 13 to 15 and some 16 inches. If you want something capable of lightweight gaming as well, the VivoBook F series can be the one for you as it comes with an Nvidia MX GPU.  You can even get one with a dedicated graphics card, which is usually a low-tier MX series from Nvidia. Prices eventually rise while moving forward in this range.

VivoBook Series

Asus ZenBook Series

The company’s series of ultrabooks with a hefty and lightweight build. Like the Vivobook series, you can get various varieties with different sizes and processors as well. Asus has categorized this series into various sub-categories by the release of its year. ZenBook laptops can range between 13 and 15 inches. Fairly, there is not that big difference except its screen size. These are premium products and hence will cost a lot of money.ZenBook lineup also features convertible (2-in-1) laptops that can be used as a tablet or a regular laptop.

Asus ZenBook Series

Asus TUF Gaming Series

“The Ultimate Force” ASUS TUF is the company’s thin & light gaming laptop in comparison to a traditional high-end gaming laptop. The thin-and-light Ultrabooks from Asus, come with an H-series CPU (higher TDP) for increased performance. In the process, it also loses a bit of computing power. Consequently, these do not have the most top-end CPU & GPU (reserved for the expensive ROG series instead) and come with GTX graphics. Therefore, entry-level RTX cards are also available but with lower TGP. You can choose between i5 or i7 processors or AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 processors in terms of CPU.

Asus TUF Gaming Series

Asus ROG Gaming Series

Republic Of Gamers (ROG) you can regulate who the target audience is prolific gamers, who want their laptops to push through AAA title. ROG laptops have bold design choices with gaming aesthetics infused throughout the device, from RGB lighting to the layout of the fans to the materials used.

ROG Zephyrus Series

This laptop is meant to be a powerful yet portable laptop. It is affordable to the other ROG laptop as compare. As for today’s these laptops are popular among students.

ROG Zephyrus Series

Asus ROG Strix Series

This series is designed for the supreme gaming machine in the ROG series laptop. The best in-line hardware from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA twin with Asus’s latest cooling and gaming technologies for the best gaming experience.

ROG Strix Series
What is the price of Asus laptops in Nepal?

In Nepal, the price of Asus laptop ranges from Rs. 61,000 to Rs. 555,000.

Which Asus laptops are good for gamers?

 TUF A15, F15 and ROG gaming laptops are good for gaming as you prefer.

Where to buy Asus laptops in Nepal?

There are different vendors but I prefer you to visit Fatafat Sewa because they also provide EMI services.

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