How to use Sora Ai in Nepal?

OpenAI’s Sora: A Generative AI Odyssey – From Words to Worlds

Remember those childhood days, dreaming of worlds spun from your wildest imagination? Now, picture those dreams leaping off the page, morphing into vibrant, moving landscapes with OpenAI’s latest marvel: Sora. But before we dive straight into the content, let’s us look back at the history.

video created by Sora

OpenAI’s Journey:

OpenAI, was established in 2015 as a non-profit. With Elon Musk’s involvement, OpenAI has always been leading organization in AI business. Although they started as a non-profit organization, in 2019 OpenAI transitioned to a “capped-profit” model.

How fast OpenAI’s major creations, like ChatGPT (2020) and DALL-E (2021), have become part of our life is surprising to every one of us. ChatGPT is a master of language. It has brought the power of Large Language Models to everyone’s attention. DALL-E is an image generating Ai which has given power to transform mere words into stunning images. But OpenAI wasn’t done yet. They have now pushed the boundaries even further by launching SORA.

Enter Sora:

video created by Sora

And so, Sora emerged, an evolution in the world of generative AI. This innovative tool transcends its predecessors, crafting video narratives based on your textual prompts. Imagine describing a bustling medieval marketplace, and Sora paints it alive in vivid detail, movement, and color. Videos up to a minute long can be conjured, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

OpenAI’s website shows some mesmerizing examples. This leaves us questioning if these scenes are truly AI-generated. Although we can spot lots of faults in the videos available on their webpage, it is still fascinating to see how far AI has come from last year.

A Balancing Act: Ethics and the Future of Sora

video created by Sora

However, as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”. As we know, generative AI is still in its early stages. Just like when Chat gpt was launched, ethical considerations like copyright infringement is large. Recognizing this, OpenAI has limited Sora’s accessibility to a select group of professionals for now. This is allowing them to carefully assess potential risks and impacts.

Painting a Brighter Future: Sora Possibilities Await

video created by Sora

While currently under wraps, Sora’s potential to revolutionize various fields is undeniable. You can imagine history lessons where picture artists collaborating with AI to create never-before-seen visuals. Even the medical field could benefit from AI-generated simulations for practicing complex procedures. And let’s not forget the immersive possibilities of virtual reality, where AI-crafted environments could transport us to fantastical worlds.

But remember, the brush rests in our hands. How we use Sora’s facility will also determine its impact on future the world. For the better use of the platform, we should prioritize ethical considerations and foster responsible innovation. I hope this new AI model will contributes to a brighter future.

Will we choose to paint a masterpiece of progress with Sora, or allow its potential shadows to engulf us? Let’s embark on this generative AI odyssey responsibly, ensuring that technology remains a force for good.

When will be Sora available in Nepal?

Just like mentioned above it is not yet sure when will it launch in Nepal. But, its is for sure that Sora will launch in Nepal at the same time period around which it launches globally.

When will it be available?

It is not decided since it is given access to certain groups. OpenAi have said they are doing this to understand its possible impact that it will have in society after its launch.

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