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Samsung Galaxy A Series Price in Nepal.

Samsung is arguably the most famous Mobile brand in Nepal. Samsung Mobile price in Nepal ranges from 12k to 2 Lakhs. This flexibility in Samsung Mobile’s price range have make it possible for people of all purchasing capacity to own this mobile. Samsung Galaxy A Series is budget friendly series launched by Samsung. Below, we have covered all the Samsung Galaxy A Series mobile available in Nepal with their price.

How to buy Samsung Mobile on EMI in Nepal?

Buying Mobile in EMI allows you to pay your bill in package over a year. There are various stores that provide EMI service. For more details you can also visit fatafatsewa, as they provide EMI service too.

 SAMSUNG Galaxy A Series Price in Nepal

Entry-Level (Under NPR 20,000):

  • Galaxy A04 (4GB/64GB): f affordability is your primary concern, the A04 delivers the basics for essential tasks like calling, texting, and browsing. However, its camera system and performance might be limited for more demanding users.
Galaxy A04
  • Galaxy A03S (3GB/32GB): Slightly more powerful than the A04, the A03S offers a modest improvement in camera capabilities and storage, but still maintains a focus on affordability.
Galaxy A03S

Budget-Friendly (NPR 20,000 – NPR 30,000):

  • Galaxy A04s (4GB/128GB): Compared to the A04, the A04s provides a larger display, a more versatile triple-camera system, and significantly more storage for the price. This makes it a good option for those seeking a better balance between affordability and features.
Galaxy A04s
  • Galaxy A05 (6GB/128GB): With a larger screen, a quad-camera system, and ample storage at a competitive price, the A05 strikes a good balance for users who prioritize value and want a bit more capability compared to the A04s.
Galaxy A05
  • Galaxy A14 4G (4GB/64GB): This model offers a larger display, a quad-camera system, and decent performance for everyday tasks. However, the 4GB RAM might limit multitasking capabilities for users who frequently run multiple applications simultaneously.
Galaxy A14 4G
  • Galaxy A24 Lte (6GB+128GB): This model prioritizes affordability within the mid-range segment. It offers a large display, a quad-camera system, and ample storage, making it suitable for users on a budget who don’t require the latest features or 5G connectivity.
Galaxy A24 Lte
  • Galaxy A24 4G (8GB/128GB): If multitasking performance is a concern for you, the A24 4G addresses that with 8GB of RAM. It retains the large display and quad-camera system of the A24 Lte, but provides smoother multitasking capabilities for running multiple applications simultaneously.
Galaxy A24 4G
  • Galaxy A23 (6GB+128GB): This variant builds upon the 4GB/64GB version by offering more RAM (6GB) for improved performance. While the display and camera system remain the same, the additional RAM can be beneficial for users who multitask frequently or run resource-intensive applications.
Galaxy A23

Upper Mid-Range (NPR 40,000 and Above):

  • Galaxy A15 5G (8GB/256GB): This model combines 5G connectivity with a larger display, a quad-camera system, and ample storage (256GB). This caters to users who prioritize the benefits of 5G and require more storage space for photos, videos, or apps.
Galaxy A15 5G
  • Galaxy A25 5G (8GB/128GB): Striking a balance between features and price, the A25 5G delivers 5G connectivity, a quad-camera system, and a decent level of performance. It’s a good option for users who want to experience the benefits of 5G without breaking the bank but are willing to forego top-tier features.
Galaxy A25 5G
  • Galaxy A33 5G (8GB/128GB): This model takes a step up in camera capabilities and processing power compared to the A25 5G. It still offers 5G connectivity and a quad-camera system, but the camera is likely to offer better image quality and the processor is better suited for more demanding tasks.
  • Galaxy A34 5G (8GB/128GB): Building upon the A33 5G, this model boasts an enhanced quad-camera system and a more powerful processor. It remains within the same upper mid-range tier but provides more advanced camera features and processing capabilities for users who prioritize these aspects.
Galaxy A34 5G
  • Galaxy A53 5G (8GB/128GB): Offering a superior quad-camera system and a powerful processor, the A53 5G delivers outstanding performance and photo/video capabilities. While it comes at a higher price point, it caters to users who demand the best in their smartphones and are willing to invest for premium features.
Galaxy A53 5G
  • Galaxy A54 5G (8GB/256GB): This top-of-the-line model in the A-series boasts a top-tier quad-camera system, a powerful processor, and ample storage (256GB). It caters to power users who demand the absolute best in camera quality, performance, and storage capacity, and are willing to pay the premium price tag.
Galaxy A54 5G

Samsung Galaxy A Series Price in Nepal

ModelPrice (NPR)
Samsung Galaxy A04 (4GB/64GB)13,998
Samsung Galaxy A03S (3GB/32GB)15,999
Samsung Galaxy A04s (4GB/62GB)19,999
Samsung Galaxy A05 (6GB/128GB)18,999
Samsung Galaxy A14 4G (4GB/64GB)20,999
Samsung Galaxy A05s (6GB/128GB)21,999
Samsung Galaxy A23 (4GB/64GB)25,999
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G (6GB/128GB)27,999
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G (6GB/128GB)27,999
Samsung Galaxy A24 Lte (6GB+128GB)27,999
Samsung Galaxy A24 4G (8GB/128GB)28,999
Samsung Galaxy A23 (6GB+128GB)29,999
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G (8GB/256GB)29,999
Samsung Galaxy A25 5G (8GB/128GB)39,999
Samsung Galaxy A33 5G (8GB/128GB)42,500
Samsung Galaxy A34 5G (8GB/128GB)43,999
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (8GB/128GB)54,999
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G (8GB/256GB)58,999


Comparing Samsung Galaxy A Series price with other Samsung Mobile’s Price in Nepal, we can conclude Samsung Galaxy A Series to have slightly lower budget range. This is to be expected since it is mainly Entry-Level mobile.

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Which Samsung series is best?

We can say overall, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra as the best series. But depending upon factor the answer may vary. Best budget series is A Series and best midrange Samsung series might be M Series.

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Since M Series a newer series for now, Samsung galaxy A series is better than M Serie

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