Apple Vision Pro With 4k Display and Dual ChipSet Price In Nepal

Apple Vision Pro is a cool new tech from Apple that lets you use your phone to see digital stuff mixed in with the real world.Additionally, it can recognize things like objects and famous places, giving you info about them just by pointing your phone at them. It’s like having a magic lens that brings things to life and makes exploring more fun. We will disccuss Apple Vision Pro Price In Nepal and Specification.

Apple Vision Pro Price in Nepal and Availability

The Apple Vision Pro VR/AR headset is already launched in the USA at the price of $3,499.The expected price of Apple Vision Pro in Nepal is NPR.4,62,567.

VR/AR HeadsetPrice in US (Offical)Price in Nepal (Expected)
Apple Vision Pro$3,499NPR.4,62,567
Apple Vision Pro


Display: 23 million pixels, 3D display system, Micro‑OLED
Chips: Apple’s M2 chipset & R1 chip
Camera: Stereoscopic 3D main camera system
Battery: Up to 2 hours of general use
Connectivity and Wireless: Wi‑Fi 6 , Bluetooth 5.3
Operating System: visionOS
Capacity: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Audio: Spatial Audio
Device Weight: (600–650 g)
Specification Of Apple Vision Pro

Overview Of Apple Vision Pro


The Apple Vision Pro VR/AR headset features a curved aluminum alloy frame designed to fit snugly around the face, accompanied by a Fit Dial on the headband for precise adjustments. Its display boasts two micro OLED screens, each comparable to the size of a postage stamp, offering a combined resolution of 23 million pixels, surpassing the clarity of 4K resolution per eye.


Apple Vision Pro has two special computer chips inside it. One chip, called the M2, is like the brain. It does a lot of work to understand what it sees and make things look really good on the screen. Similarly, R1 chip focuses on taking pictures and videos from the cameras and showing them on the screen quickly. Together, these chips make sure that everything looks great and happens really fast when you use Apple Vision Pro.


The Apple Vision Pro VR/AR headset includes a top-notch eye-tracking feature that’s super accurate. It works by using LEDs and infrared cameras to shine invisible light patterns onto your eyes. Therefore, you don’t have to hold any controllers to interact with things in the virtual world you can just look at them, and the headset will know what you want to do.


Apple Vision Pro is super advanced thanks to its special chips. These chips work together to make everything look great and respond quickly when you use it. It is like having a super smart brain and super fast eyes all in one device. It gives you an amazing experience unlike anything else. very soon available in Nepal at Fatafat Sewa


Is Apple Vision Pro easy to use?

Yes, Apple Vision Pro is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and seamless integration with other Apple devices and services.

Can I share Apple Vision Pro with others?

Yes, you can create a Guest User account that allows others to try your Vision Pro without accessing your personal data.

How much will Apple Vision Pro cost?

Apple Vision Pro cost $3,499.

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